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About Stand Out

About Us


Stand Out is a leading establishment in providing website & mobile development solutions in Saudi Arabia.

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Stand Out focuses on providing website and mobile development solutions that fits your goals and needs. We guide you during the requirements elicitation process to ensure the success of your project. Stand Out provides several unique services such as:

W3School Standard

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a well known international organization for setting coding standards for websites. We code according to their standards in order to optimize websites. This feature will make your website more optimized for search engine websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Therefore, your website will be easily found in those search engines and show on the top results.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • in simple plain talk, this kind of coding will separate the presentation of the website (or design) from its content. By this separation, you will have an advantage in case of any updates to the content or the presentation. For instance, when you need to make any change in one part (let us say the content), the other part (the presentation or the design of your website) will not be affected. CSS will also improve the speed of loading websites the first time a user visits your website. In many cases, users leave websites because of the slow loading. CSS allows people with disabilities to easily navigate websites by using specific tools such as text-to-speech conversion applications and Braille-based devices. CSS enables websites to be cross browser compatible which means showing on different major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. One of the unique services we provide is customizing CSS to show websites in mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy.

We do Responsive Web Design

We do Responsive Web Design because it makes websites viewable and usable with different devices (Desktops, iPhones, iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc) which means your customers will have easy access to your website using their favorite device.

We use HTML5 with CSS3

We use HTML5 with CSS3 because it makes websites more flexible in terms of design and content which means more customers can access your website.

We take care about your requirements

We take care about your requirements because it is important to provide you with what you want which means you will have a successful website that procudes great results for your business.

We provide money back guarantee

  • We provide money back guarantee because we care about our clients which means you never have to worry when working with us.